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Infacon XII. Proceedings of The Twelfth International Ferroalloys Congress
09.10.2011, 20:20
Plenary Presentations
L. Holappa Toward sustainability in ferroalloys production
Status of Ferroalloys Industry
J.R. Didaleusky, J.D. Jorgenson, L.A. Corathers, M.D. Fenton, P.H. Kuck, J.F. Papp, D.E. Polyak, K.B. Shedd Changes in the North American ferroalloys industry structure and trends in the industry during the past 20 years
L.I. Leontyev, V.I. Zhuchkov Current situation and main trends of development of Russian ferro-alloys industry
M. Tolymbekov, S. Baisanov, S. Kim Current state and prospects of ferroalloy industry in Kazakhstan
H. Stockmann-Juvala, A. Zitting, I. Odnevall Wallinder, G. Darrie and T. Santonen . 35-42 Use of read-across in the health risk assessment of ferrochromium alloys under REACH
K. Midander, A. de Frutos, Y. Hedberg, G. Darrie, I. Odnevall Bioaccessibility of ferro-chromium and ferro-silicon-chromium particles compared to pure metals and stainless steel – aspects of human exposure
JP Beukes , NF Dawson and PG van Zyl Theoretical and practical aspects of Cr(VI) in the South African ferrochrome industry
Environment – General
T. Lindstad, B. Monsen and K. S. Osen How the ferroalloys industry can meet greenhouse gas regulations
M. Dos Santos Meeting the challenge of sustainability through technology development and integration in ferrochrome submerged arc furnace plant design
S. Gaal, M. Tangstad , B. Ravary Recycling of waste materials from the production of FeMn and SiMn
B. Solvang and E. Nжss A model for temperature measurement errors in off-gas channels
Environment – Furnaces
B. Ravary and S. Grеdahl Improving environment in the tapping area of a ferromanganese furnace
M. Kadkhodabeigi, H. Tveit and K. H. Berget Silicon process- new hood design for tapping gas collection
L. Gunnewiek, B. Ravary, P. Cowx, and J. Woloshyn Continuous improvement for fugitive emissions control
L. Els, C. Coetzee, O. Vorster Design of tapping fume extraction systems for ferroalloy furnaces
Environment – Dusts
T. Hamano, R. Shen, G. Zhang, P. Brown and O. Ostrovski Processing of manganese furnace dust: drying and zinc oxide reduction
L. Els, F. Fereday, O. Vorster Major ferroalloy producer improves furnace fume control system by installing baghouse with membrane filter bags
R. Kononov, O. Ostrovski and S. Ganguly. Low temperature carbothermal reduction of siliceous manganese fines
Recovery from Dusts and Slags
Y. Xiao, C. R. Mambote, H. Jalkanen, Y. Yang and R. Boom. Vanadium recovery as FeV from petroleum fly ash
M. Lindvall, S. Rutqvist and G. Ye Recovery of vanadium from V-bearing BOF-slag using an EAF
K.J. Lee, D.S. Min, C.S. Park, Y.K. Park, H.C. Jo, S.H. Hong High purity Mn metal from Mn oxide dust produced by FeMn refining process
Modelling and Simulation
B. Derin, O. Yucel, K. Hack. Thermodynamical computations in carbothermal and metallothermic ferroalloy processes
H. Oterdoom and R. Degel Building a FeNi smelter simulator
E-P. Heikkinen, T. Ikдheimonen, O. Mattila and T. Fabritius A thermodynamic study on the oxidation of silicon, carbon and chromium in the ferrochrome converter
Ferrochromium Fundamentals
A. Akuov, M. Tolymbekov, B. Kasenov and A. Yesenzhulov Thermodynamic analysis of chrome reduction with aluminum and silicon
A. Konarbaeva, A. Akuov, M. Tolymbekov Petrographic analysis of low-carbon ferrochrome slags
Ferrochromium – Pretreatment for Smelting
S. McCullough, S. Hockaday, C. Johnson and N.A. Barcza Pre-reduction and smelting characteristics of Kazakhstan ore samples
B. Zhao and P.C. Hayes Effects of oxidation on the microstructure and reduction of chromite pellets
R. Sen, D. Mukherjee, J. J. Van Vuuren, W. DeVilliers, S. Banerjee Research & development initiatives on the briquetting technology and its commercialisation for Richards Bay plant
A.V. Pavlov, Y.V. Zavalishina, V.A. Grygorian, K.L. Kossyrev, and O.V.Chadaeva Research of briquetting process of fine chromic ores
G. Kapure, V. Tathavadkar, C.B. Rao, S.M. Rao, K.S. Raju Coal based direct reduction of preoxidized chromite ore at high temperature
Ferrochromium Smelting
A. Rousu, O. Mattila and P. Tanskanen A laboratory investigation of influence of electric current on the burden reactions in a submerged arc furnace
V.I. Zhuchkov, O.V. Zayakin, A.V. Zhdanov. Utilization of substandard and offgrade raw materials for chromium and manganese ferro-alloys production
J. Ollila, P. Niemelд, A. Rousu and O. Mattila Preliminary characterization of the samples taken from a submerged arc ferrochrome furnace during operation
J. Safarian and M. Tangstad. Slag-carbon reactivity
M. M. Gasik, M. I. Gasik, O. Yu. Urazlina, and S. V. Kutuzov Modelling and optimisation of anthracite treatment in an electrocalcinator
P. A. Eidem, M. Tangstad, J. A. Bakken and R. Ishak Influence of coke particle size on the electrical resistivity of coke beds
G. Makhoba, and R. Hurman Eric Reductant characterization and selection for ferrochromium production
Ferrochromium Production
S.A.C. Hockaday and K. Bisaka Some aspects of the production of ferrochrome alloys in pilot DC arc furnaces at Mintek
G. Kapure, C.B. Rao, V. Tathavadkar, K.S. Raju Process for effective utilization of low grade chromite overburden
C.N.Harman. Reduction of chromite fines in solid state using a mixture of gases containing natural gas, hydrogen and nitrogen
J. Chirasha and N.R. Shoko Zimbabwe alloys ferro chromium production: from cradle to grave sustainably
S. Rangnathan, K.M. Godiwalla, N.V. Satyanarayana, P. Kumar, V. Rao, A.K.Roy, B.Srikant Simulation of the production of ferro-chromium in submerged-arc furnace
Ferrochromium Refining
H. Wang, N.N. Viswanathan and S. Seetharaman. Oxidation kinetics of ferrochrome under controlled oxygen pressures
C-J. Rick Refining of charge-chrome; a study of some products and applications
M.M.Eissa, K.A.El- Fawakhry, M.L.Mishreky, & H.R.EI-Faramawy The aluminothermic production of extra low carbon ferrochromium from low grade chromite ore
Ferromanganese – Pretreatment for Smelting
B. Sorensen, S. Gaal, M. Tangstad, E. Ringdalen, R. Kononov and O. Ostrovski Properties of manganese ores and their change in the process of calcination
G. L. Faria, N.C.S. Vianna, N. Jannotti, C. B. Vieira, F. G. da Silva Araъjo Decrepitation of Brazilian manganese lump ores
MM. Tangstad, D. Leroy, E. Ringdalen Behavior of agglomerates in ferromanganese production
V. Kivinen, H. Krogerus and J. Daavittila Upgrading of Mn / Fe ratio of low-grade manganese ore for ferromanganese production
D.Slizovskiy, M. Tangstad The effect of potassium and zinc circulation on agglomeration of a charge in SAF
E. Ringdalen, O. Ostrovski, S. Gaal. Ore properties in melting and reduction reactions in silicomanganese production
Ferromanganese Smelting
H. Lagendijk, B. Xakalashe, T. Ligege, P. Ntikang and K. Bisaka Comparing manganese ferroalloy smelting in pilot-scale AC and DC submerged-arc furnaces
T. Ishitobi, K. Ichihara,T. Homma. Operational improvements of a submerged arc furnace in Kashima works (KF-1) relined in 2006
Ye. Samuratov, A. Baisanov, M. Tolymbekov Complex processing of iron-manganese ore of central Kazakhstan
G. Folmo, C. Perdon, T. Hitier, R. Ishak, F. Wasser, D. Haaland Furnace management in Eramet Manganese during the 2009 crisis
O. Sariev, M. Tolymbekov, A. Akberdin, A. Kim Influence of boron oxide on viscosity and conductivity of CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO-MnO slags
M. M. Gasik, M. I. Gasik Multi-variation analysis and optimisation of electrical conductivity of MnO-SiO2-CaO slags
Ferromanganese Refining
A.Soller, A. Amalric, G. Pochart and G. Nussbaum. Manganese ore and alloys piloting tools at Eramet research
H. Sun, M. Lone, S. Ganguly and O. Ostrovski Reaction of manganese containing slag with carbon substrate
Y. E. Lee and M. Tangstad Electric parameters for an efficient smelting performance of HCFeMn alloy
J. Nell, I. Nolet Development of a dynamic model of the manganese oxygen refining (MOR) converter
V.Ya.Dashevskiy , A.G.Kanevskiy Thermodynamical aspects of decarburization of manganese melts
J.H. Park, G.H. Park, C.I. Park, J.G. Park, D.J. Min, H.C. Jo, Y.E. Lee Thermodynamics of carbon removal by molten slags from manganese alloy melts
S.N. Ghali, K.M. El- Fawakhry, M.M. Eissa and M.L. Mishreky Kinetic of nitriding process of ferromanganese alloy
Other Ferroalloys Fundamentals
K. Tang, E.J. Шvrelid, G. Tranell, M. Tangstad Thermochemical and kinetic databases for the solar cell silicon materials
E. Jak and P.C. Hayes Slag phase equilibria and viscosities in ferronickel smelting slags
A. Bunjaku, M. Kekkonen and L. Holappa Phenomena in thermal treatment of lateritic nickel ores up to 1300єC
Ye. Zhumagaliev, S. Baisanov, A. Chekimbaev, N. Nurgali Phase diagram of Ti-Fe-Al system
B. Kelamanov, M. Tolymbekov, K. Kaskin, A. Baisanov Thermal analysis of agglomerated nickel ore
M. Tangstad, M. Ksiazek, V. Andersen, E. Ringdalen Small scale laboratory experiments simulating an industrial silicon furnace
Ferronickel Smelting
P. von Krьger, C.A. Silva, C. Batista Vieira, F.G.S. Araъjo , V. Seshadri Relevant aspects related to production of iron nickel alloys (pig iron containing nickel)in mini blast furnaces
C. Walker, T. Koehler, N. Voermann and B. Wasmund High power, shielded-arc FeNi furnace operation – challenges and solutions
L. Rodd, N. Voermann, F. Stober and B. Wasmund, S. H. Lee, K. Y. Lim, J.-H. Yoo, S.-J. Roh, and J.-H. Park SNNC: a new ferronickel smelter in Korea
Ferrosilicon Smelting
G. Tranell, M. Andersson, E. Ringdalen, O. Ostrovski and J. J.Steinmo Reaction zones in a FeSi75 furnace – results from an industrial excavation
G. Saevarsdottir and J. A. Bakke. Current distribution in submerged arc furnaces for silicon metal / ferrosilicon production
N. E. Kamfjord, E H. Myrhaug, H Tveit and B. Wittgens Energy balance of a 45 MW (ferro-) silicon sub-merged arc furnace
G. Saevarsdottir, H. Hjartarson, H. Palsson Waste heat utilization from a submerged arc furnace producing ferrosilicon
Engineering Aspects
A. de Jong, D. Mitchell New TiO2 slag plant for CYMG using 30 MW DC furnace
P. Dennis, S. Ganguly SAF water leak detection by the measurement of gaseous water vapour
F. Marx, M. Shapiro, B. Henning Application of high intensity refractory cooling systems in pyrometallurgical vessel design
Engineering Aspects – Furnaces
RP Meyjes, J Venter and U Van Rooyen Advanced modelling and baking of Sцderberg electrodes
Q.G. Reynolds, R.T. Jones and B.D. Reddy Mathematical and computational modelling of the dynamic behaviour of direct current plasma arcs
D. Sager, D. Grant, R. Stadler and T. Schreiter Low cost ferroalloy extraction in DC-arc furnace at Middleburg Ferrochrome
F.P. Greyling, W. Greyling and F.I. de Waal Developments in the design and construction of DC arc smelting furnaces
G. Kleinschmidt, R. Degel, M. Kцneke, H. Oterdoom AC- and DC- smelter technology for ferrous metal production
C.P. Naudй and M.D. Shapiro Implementation of the first commercial scale DC smelter for ferronickel production from low grade lateritic ores – technology building blocks and lessons learned
B. Henning, M. Shapiro, F. Marx, D. Pienaar and H. Nel Evaluating AC and DC furnace water cooling systems using CFD analysis
C. Coetzee, P.L Duncanson, P. Sylven Campaign extensions for ferroalloy furnaces with improved taphole repair system
M. Sedighy, T. Ma, N. Voermann New developments in furnace power stabilization with SPLC
Engineering Aspects – Linings
A. Sadri, P. Gebski, E. Shameli Refractory wear and lining profile determination in operating electric furnaces using stress wave non-destructive testing (NDT)
C. Coetzee, P.H. Lamont, P.L Duncanson, P. Sylven New refractory lining direction at Jindal Stainless FeCr #1 and #2 furnaces
Applications and Uses
M. Kh. Ziatdinov, I. M. Shatokhin SHS-technology of ferroalloys nitriding
P.C. Pistorius and M. du Toit. Low-nickel austenitic stainless steels: metallurgical constraints
C-J Rick, M. Engholm Ferro-alloy design, ferro-alloy selection and utilisation optimisation with particular focus on stainless steel making materials
K.V. Grigorovich, S.S. Shibaev, I.V. Kostenko. Ferroalloys for clean steels productions and quality specifications
M. M. Pande , M. Guo, X. Guo, D. Geysen, S. Devisscher, B. Blanpain, P Wollants Impurities in commercial ferroalloys and its influence on the steel cleanliness
R.K. Mohapatra. Contribution maximization model -case of a ferro alloys manufacturing firm
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